Welcome to Electro Jam! 

Hello Everyone. This is a short (and hopefully fun) alpha demo that we've put together to showcase the core mechanics of our game. Aside from the demo stage there's a short tutorial level for players to get the hang of it. I hope you have a blast, and as always any feedback is greatly appreciated!

About the Game 

Electro Jam is a 2D platformer being developed for mobile devices, where you control a vinyl record adventuring in a land of unknown music. Use simple yet precise one-touch controls to jump into and swim through platforms made of jelly while avoiding deadly traps and obstacles spread throughout each stage in this new take on the platforming genre. When finished the game will feature different tracks and visuals for each different stage, aside from new kinds of jellies, traps and obstacles not shown in the demo.


If you enjoyed the demo please consider checking  our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

PS: For those of you who want to lend that little bit of extra help, you can fill out this feedback form that we've set up here.


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would be great with more levels and leader boards. maybe you could get different colored records which change the background music as you play.

Well you'll be glad to know that we're kinda going into that direction already. We'll have more levels with different music genres and backgrounds to match. Each level will also feature a different color scheme too! We're working really hard to make the eye-candy really stand out.


maybe a level editor would be cool further down the line. thanks for taking the time to look at my comment!

I love it. I can see this getting a lot of play from me if mobile.


Thanks! We're definitely going for mobile. I'm glad you like it even in the current state, because we have a ton of cool stuff being put into the game :)


maybe being able to scratch the record on the home screen or change song thought the record. love the game. good job (=

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Thanks, I'm happy you liked it! What you're suggesting sound like some kind of easter egg, there are two hidden in the title screen already, one is pretty easy to find, the other one not so much ;)


Where can I download that groovy music?

Hey I'm glad you liked it! Sadly we're not thinking of sharing our songs at the moment but will after the game's get released :)

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As I have already written in your feedback form, the game does not feel rhytmic at all. I think that disc up/down movement should always match the song, as for now music does not enhance the experience, but even makes playing harder.

And about tutorial: I got hang of the movement after about 1 or 2 tries. Tutorial helped a little, but anyways 1st level all seems to be a big tutorial (little too long).
I appreciate that there is always a safe enviro first, like with those skulls. In the beginning you don't have to worry about 'em and after few seconds of introduction, you have to use this new knowledge. It's not that you have to die to learn a new thing here.

Oh, and I love those jelly aesthetics.

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Thank you so much for all the hassle of not only providing feedback here but also filling the forms! We've considered having the disc wobble in sync with the music. However as different soundtracks get used in the game, each with a different bpm, this would mean that each stage would make the disc's up and down movement have a different timing, which could be a hassle for the player to keep up with every single time. Having said that, we already have some ideas on how to make it easier for people to get the hang of the wobble mechanic. All in all, I'm glad you liked it overall, and once again thank you for all your feedback, you can be sure we'll use it to improve the game :)

No problem, glad I helped. But I'd believe in Players :) It shouldn't be tough to implement so you can test it anyway.

what are the controls?

Oh hey! You can check out the tutorial as that'll explain how to play better than I can using only words. Either way, you'll be playing using only your main mouse button :)


ok thx :)

Great artwork!. I really like the game but the controls are bad. good job though :)

Hey I'm glad you somewhat liked it. Would you mind explaining why did you dislike the controls? Did you dislike the idea altogether or was it more of a timing issue?

It was hard to get the timing right. when i got it wrong I couldn't correct it in time because I already went the wrong way. maybe im just bad but I would like to try the game with button controls.


Nice visuals. Some reflections over the jelly & sparkly particles inside it would be awesome. Darker background might help.

Control is too tight. The time between auto switching direction is too little. If the time difference would decrease  & get faster over time starting from a easy slow switch, it would be much easier & won't even need a tutorial. 

Obstacles look attractive & inviting. Make them menacing by changing color/ change shape. I'd prefer  electro music without trumpets.

Good job. :)

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Thank you much for going out of your way to post this! You can be sure we'll be working to improve the visuals of the game. As for the controls we're currently trying to find ways for the players to get the hang of it faster, maybe we'll adopt your solution of increasing the time the disc takes to change direction. Once again, thanks for your sound feedback :)

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The truth is that the game design is brilliantly electronic and musical, but the control with the finger or mouse is very rough, and almost always have to play the opposite direction.

it's more practical to handle that vintage disc with a basic button system.

Hey, thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you like the game's aesthetics! Have you tried the tutorial? This game has some unusual one-touch controls but you can get the hang of it pretty fast once you know how it works.

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Of course I tried the tutorial, but it isn't very useful during the game, apart from it's easy to make mistakes that's why you call it "unusual one-touch controls". That's why I ask you to correct that mistake, and also a basic arrow button system.

Hey! I've tested the game a while ago and I'm not sure if you got the idea of the movement. No matter where you click on the screen, it matters whether the timing is correct. When the disk moves up, if you click on the screen and hold, it will keep moving up. The same goes down. It's hard to get used to, but pretty nice to master!

It's normal for us to complain before we get used to new things, but there are times when we have to give alternatives to those who can't, such as button controls in addition to what is already established in the game.